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ITV'S Emma Kenny set to discuss what really makes a serial killer

ITV'S Emma Kenny set to discuss what really makes a serial killer
posted 11 May 2023

Emma Kenny is one of the UK’s most notable Psychological Therapists and Crime commentators. Aged just 14, she knew “therapy” was the career she wanted to pursue and has now done so for more than two decades. “I started my first job two days after finishing my degree and prior to this had spent my time outside of university volunteering.” said Emma. “I had the privilege of working with young offenders and also victims of crime, meaning that I have been granted an insight into both of these areas. As my main focus has always been victimology, and many offenders are also victims in their childhoods, the area of criminality became a personal focus, as I believe that we need to be doing a great deal more early intervention in the childhoods of children who are in less than satisfactory circumstances.”

‘The Serial Killer Next Door’ comes to Westlands this June and Emma described the show as “a journey of discovery into the ingredients that could be responsible for creating a serial killer.” She went on to explain that:

“The show aims to be entertaining and insightful and will explore the many theories that exist where serial killers are concerned. We will look at profiling and explore the childhoods of these killers to decipher if there were any red flags that were observed in these killers early experiences. The audience will also have an opportunity to see if they think like a psychopath and we will also importantly consider what we can do to protect ourselves from these predators.”

If you search ‘Emma Kenny’ on the internet, you will come across a vast array of different things that she has done. Emma’s website lists her as a psychologist, TV presenter, writer and expert media commentator; best known for her role as resident psychologist on ITV’s This Morning. Emma also features on Radio 1’s as their life hacks expert and present a classical show for Scala radio. Emma started her presenting career with the BBC and then moved on to GMTV and Daybreak where she was an expert commentator often discussing victims and mental health which then led onto being invited to present Britain’s Darkest Taboos’ on CI, a show she fronted for six seasons. Emma has taken part in over 120 crime documentaries and in 2021 began her YouTube channel which has opened her up to a whole new wonderful audience. But what does she enjoy doing most?

“I absolutely love doing my YouTube and theatre tours as this has made me feel very personally connected to my audience in a very new way. I loved doing the This Morning phone in but as I spend so much time on the road this isn’t possible on a regular basis anymore. I feel grateful and unbelievably privileged that I have the wonderful audience and supporters that I have gained through my career and when I stand on stage it is always a pinch me is this real moment.”

Emma told us that therapy remains a huge passion of hers and being offered the opportunity to offer her psychological insight with a wider audience is something she is very much looking forward to. So what makes someone want to analyse and understands killers? Do you have to have a certain element of intrigue and excitement? “I wouldn’t say that any killers excite me, they disturb me and at times confuse me. I remain stunned consistently that these human predators have such little care for human life and the infinite meaning each of their victims had to their families and this world. I find individuals like Dennis Nilsen intriguing as it is very disconcerting to note that he had a relatively good sense of humour, had served as a police officer and worked for the job centre. His chameleon like qualities reflect the danger these killers pose as they are so masterfully hidden behind their well-crafted masks.” said Emma.

We probed Emma more into what she thinks create a serial killer – a little glimpse into the show. “The vast majority of serial-killers have problematic childhood experiences which we analyse in depth, this in addition to issues with brain development, genetics and social factors all contribute to creating these killers.” And what advice does she give to any aspiring psychologists or anyone coming in June?

“My main advice to anyone coming is to have an open mind and to be willing to explore the possibilities that I pose on the night. I hope that the night will be as equally entertaining, as it is hopefully interesting. For those on the academic journey themselves I would hope that I further their understanding and add to their knowledge.”

Speaking with Emma gave us a wonderful insight into how her mind works; how she appears to be concerned about killers and their predatory instincts, yet intrigued. Join Emma Kenny for an evening that promises to be like no other at Westlands Entertainment Venue.

Emma will be fascinating audiences on her tour and comes to Westlands on Wednesday 21st June. Purchase your tickets online or call the Box Office on 01935 422884.